An Open Letter To Every Nigerian Who Wants To Buy Tokunbo Car But Does Not Want To Visit Any Mechanic In 6 Months Minimum

Oladiti Dayo | July 20, 2021 | 5 mins read

Dear Friend,

Are you interested in buying a peace of mind Tokunbo Car that will not take you to any mechanic in 6 months minimum?

If you answered yes, then this is the most important post you will ever read so pay close attention.

What is making some people go for Naija used cars instead of tokunbo cars is because they feel it's cheaper. But is it actually cheaper?

The cost of maintaining a Bad Naija used car might even double or tripple the amount you bought the car making it more expensive in the long run.

Most Nigerians don't sell their cars except it has a hidden fault and they want to quickly dispose it before it will cause high BP and Hypertension for them.

I remember sometimes ago when my Neighbour bought a Naija used Volvo jeep thinking it was cheaper. But the cost of maintining the car started giving him sleepness nights and lot of disgrace.

This car can't work for one complete week without him visiting the mechanic workshop 2 or 3 times. The peak of disgrace this car brought him was when he wanted to take his family out to have a nice time.

The man, his wife and their 3 years old daughter where all beautifully dressed for the outing, but the car refused to start. The man tried all he could still, opened the bonnet, check this, check that, the car did not start.

The wife had to slugishly come down from the car and sit by one corner because the car has just spoilt their fun. The most painful thing is he spent about 75,000 Naira on the car the previous week.

When his mechanic finally came to check the car for him after delaying him for like 3 hours, he was just there sweating, the mechanic asked, Oga what happend to the car again?

A good car must be fun to drive, must be able to take you from place to place without you having fear of breakdown on the road. 

For a long time, i also used to think Naija used cars are cheaper.

Until i saw what Mr Shina Shaseyi Was doing.

He was buying Salvage cars from online auto auction websites without a dealer's license and saving like 300,0000 - 1.5 Million Naira on each car he imported.

He made me to understand that importing salvage cars and refurbishing it is better and cheaper than buying Naija used cars for anybody who want paece of mind in a car.

The good thing is the process is so simple that Anyone can do it.

Who is Mr Shina Shaseyi Any way?

  • He is a normal guy not a Car dealer based in Lagos.
  • He has been importing Salvage Cars from USA since 2011 and all his cars arrived in Nigeria without any issues
  • He has more than 1 decade experience on car importation
  • He has personally Imported Over 150 Salvage Cars from USA and Canada. 
  • He has imported both expensive luxury cars and low-priced cars and
  • The least he has ever saved on a Salvage Car is 500,000 Naira while importing cars like Toyota Corolla, Range Rover, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Venza, Ford Edge etc from America.

Not only that, he has helped a lot people to import their cars successfully and has shown the simple Cut cost car importation process to so many people who have imported their cars too successfully without any issues.

I wrote this article based on the things I have been learning from him so that it can serve as an eye opener for those interested in buying a tokunbo car as cheap as possible and also get strong and durable car.

But the truth is, even though it’s easy and cheaper to buy Tokunbo Cars on online auction websites by yourself without a dealer's license, you have to shine your eyes so that you don’t end up wasting money or even end up buying car at a price that’s higher than the current market price of cars in Nigeria.

Let’s start with this..

Most of the cars you see in Nigeria are imported. As a matter fact, like 90-95% of cars you will see in Nigeria are either imported as foreign used or New.

Only extremely rich people or Top Government Officials are the ones that buy new Cars, people like you and me buys Tokunbo Cars and some Tokunbo Cars looks so clean that you would even think they are new.

Tokunbo Cars are foreign used cars poeple import into Nigeria from USA and other countries.

These are cars bought new by their previous owners and are properly insurred. Once such cars have a little fault, scratch or got involved in an accident, these previous owners take the car back to the insurance companies and request they change it to new ones. 

Then, the insurance company will auction the faulty cars at a cheap price and that is what most Nigerians Buy as Tokunbo.

Most time, those cars are not totally faulty or non refurbishable, you just need to change some parts and repaint or pimp it to turn it back into almost new.

If you are truly serious about buying a peace of mind car that will be clean and strong, I think you should watch this 20 mins Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint video that was put together by the man I told you earlier about who has been saving atleast 500,000 Naira on each car he imports into Nigeria.

The video explains The Simple 5-Step Method For Importing Clean Tokunbo Cars From the US Within 5 Weeks While Saving Anything From N300,000 - N1.5m On Each Car Purchase.

Click this link to watch the video =>

Are thinking this is a scam?

No it's not!

This method of car importation is a do it yourself approach, you are not giving your money to anybody. You will be the one to make payment for your car byself at the appropriate time. So no way you will get scammed in the process.

Are you thinking whether this will work for you? My answer to that is, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! 

The process is so simple from searching for the car to making payment, what you should check in the car to be sure you are buying a good Tokunbo car, the genuine and recommended shipping agents you should use, the reliable clearing agents that will help you clear the car once it's in Nigeria.

Everything you will get to know so this is not about wasting your time. Once you follow the step by step guide, you will be able to buy a Tokunbo car that will give you peace of mind, clean, strong and affordable saving from 300,000 Naira to 1.5 Million Naira on each car you Purchase.

Click this link to watch the video =>

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